Kyrgyz election not satisfactory

The presidential election in Kyrgyzstan has resulted in a victory and re-election of President Bakiyev. Opposition candidates as well as monitors from OSCE has declared the election not satisfactory according to international democratic standards. The result showing a support of 90% to Bakiyev does also indicate unfair conditions.  Hence there is no democratic improvement in Kyrgyzstan, rather a continuation of a very much Semi-Authoritarian system actually in force since the disputed parliamentarian elections 2007.

Once more we must regret the development in Kyrgyzstan, where so much hope of a democratic breakthrough arose after the 2005 popular uprising forcing then authoritarian president Akayev to resign. Bakiyev has obviously failed to establish a democratic political standards, and rather turned it into yet another example of authoritarianism so common in far Caucasus.  Ahead of the election  a number of candidates decided to boycott, claiming the election to be rigged.  Unlike nearest neighbouring states Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan there is a more pluralistic political society with existing and active political parties and opposition. Increasing domination by the government and followers of the president are however strong elements of some political repression.

This election does however not change the status or situation in Kyrgyzstan much, instead the semi-Authoritarian rule running since 2007 continues very much unchanged.


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