Omar Bongo reported alive, Election in Lebanon

Gabon president Omar Bongo is claimed to be still alive, according to sources in the gabonese government. The truth abourt this is at this point unclear, but the condition of the president is most certainly grave and a political transition to an acting president is likely a fact.  This kind of diversed information was also the case when zambian president Levi Mwanawesa died last year, his actual death was later confirmed.

Yesterday elections were held to the lebanese parliament, in a reportedly close race between the pro-western coalition March 14 led by Saad Harariri, and a Hezbollah dopminated bloc supported by Iran and Syria.  It is with satisfaction we find that the liberal alliance ias reported to have succeeded by taking 71 of 128 seats. A victory for the Hezbollah-bloc(taking 57 seats) would have been a threat to Lebanons friendly ties with the vast part of the world community. Still the opposition represents such a large minority of the population that some form of concilation is wanted to ensure future safety and peace in the country. One must take a firm stand against Syrian and Iranian involvment in lebanese politics, yet at the same time try to establish a lasting peaceful relation for the sake of the lebanese people.Lebanon  remains by this election the democratic state it has been for the past decades, and with no change of its political status


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